Monday, February 26, 2007

Since the last one went so's one more. Thanks Uncle Nick and Aunt Jesse for my Mavs gear!

It's Video Time!!!

Since Uncle Sam was so generous to actually give us some of our money back this year, we decided to buy a camcorder to record all of Beckham's cuteness! He's beginning to get more animated these days, so here is our first adventure into the video sharing world....hope this works!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here are the latest pics! He's getting SO big!! He holds his head up for longer periods of time now, he's awake for longer periods, and he's officially out grown newborn diapers! He needs to slow down a little for Mama's sake!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Kyle is the son of the Dr. I work for. Many of you have heard me talk about Kyle, and ask for prayers for him. About 10 years ago he was diagnosed with rare form of cancer called Synovial Cell Sarcoma. Since then, he has fought hard and put all of his faith the Lord to heal him.

He's had some rough times lately, but I wanted to share his recent entry on his blog. He's an amazing man with an amazing story. You can access his blog thru a link off of mine. Take a look at his family pics!

This is Kyle posting – I gave Darla the night off. We got really good news today – the tumors did not grow (and just might be a tad smaller)! Stable disease is a good thing – especially when it has been on a war path as of late. We are really on cloud nine! We will be sticking to the same regimen - I got more poison today (round 3 began). It is so humbling to have so many people praying and thinking of us. I am selfish, so please do not stop!
So many of you wonder and ask why would I keep this up? Why keep fighting? Why go through all this? Why the silly grin attitude? Am I sick in the head, too?
The reason I fight is in the pictures attached to this website. I have three unbelievable reasons. Hey, I gave my right arm for them! I will never give up. My job while I am here is to take care of them. Until God tells me different, this is where He wants me. I will run this race with everything I have, all the way to the finish line. But when I do break that tape, I will burst forth on the other side victorious.
I am going to drop a bomb on everyone here, you have been warned. Bad things are going to happen to you in this life. You will have troubles, and it won’t always be easy. And you know what really stinks - nobody gets out of this alive. Every one of us is “circling the drain”.
How can a guy that has lived so close to death for so long always have a smile like the cat that ate the canary? Do I like pain, suffering, and watching my family suffer through this with me? I have been given a gift, at a young age I had to come face to face with my mortality. What an incredibly humbling feeling, but what freedom. Life is a terminal illness. We all have it, and we all have to deal with it.
The second bomb is coming now, beware. People always make the statement, “Why do bad things happen to “good” people? It is just not fair.” I have news for you, there are no good people and the fair is a place where you eat cotton candy and go on cheap rides. We all can put on a good act, but when it is just you looking in the mirror, are you really ready to say that you are good people? Have you done enough?
I hope that my life and the way that I live is an example of my commitment to Christ, but I know even on my best day I am a sinner. The wages for these sins is death. Not just of this world but eternal separation from a loving God, who by His nature is JUST and must punish sin. The bad news/good news is that there is absolutely nothing that I can do to wash these sins away. I cannot earn my way to heaven. I have looked in that mirror a lot over the last ten years, and although I have seen a lot of changes, there is absolutely no way I am ready to put my faith in the guy looking back at me. I know his past. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing I can do will make these sins go away. So what is the sacrifice that will pay for these sins? Did God provide a way out?
Who is good enough without His grace? Was David? Was Moses? God said no. Hey, if these guys, biblical heroes, are not good enough, how am I going to pull it off?
There is only one man, one person who lived a perfect, sin free life. Jesus Christ, The Lamb, is the only man who qualifies. Nothing you can do, except ask Him to save you from your sins will do. His life is the only acceptable payment for our sins. The greatest gift God could give. True, free grace. So that none of us can boast of our own greatness. We have to hit our knees, come to terms with our depravity and need for His grace. We are just dogs begging for scraps, dead in our sin. I came to this point at seventeen, kicking and screaming the whole way! God opened my eyes, woke me from spiritual death, and I gave my life to Christ. I did nothing to earn it, it was His grace. Free to everyone.
We all know that we are going to die. So we all have a decision to make. Are we going to put our faith in our own sacrifices or His? You have to make a decision on Christ. Yes or No?
As for me, I think I will put my money on the guy that healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the thousands, walked on water, and most importantly….
walked out of His grave three days after His death on the cross.
“He’s alive and I’m FORGIVEN!”

Friday, February 02, 2007