Friday, December 15, 2006


I have always heard things come in three's. Good or bad, it seems that things in life often happen in three's. I can' t explain this phenomenon, but I can confirm it this week.

Over all, I can't complain much about my pregnancy. I haven't been terribly uncomfortable, I have been able to sleep most nights, and PRAISE THE LORD, Beckham has been healthy by all measurements and tests. But the Trifecta rule has come true again!

When we first found out we were pregnant, the Dr. did some blood work and found out I have B- blood. It isn't any really big deal, it just means I had to have a shot a few weeks ago, and I'll need another one at delivery. But only about 15-18% of the population have this. Weird thing #1. Then we found out about the 2 vessels in the umbilical cord. Again, nothing too serious, but only about 20 % of the population has this. And I have NONE of the risk factors for it. Weird thing #2. Well, yesterday we found out I now have Preeclampsia!! Weird thing # 3!!! And only about 5-8% of the population has this!

Preeclampsia is a series of symptoms that are more hazardous for the mother than for the baby. Symptoms can be high blood pressure, protein in the urine (sorry to be a little gross), pain the the upper tummy area, blurred vision, swelling, and the list goes on. At my appt. on Monday, my blood pressure looked good, as usual, but I had a little protein in my urine. So they made "collect" my urine for 24 hours! YUCK! She also wanted me to take my blood pressure twice a day to keep an eye on it. And yesterday we got the results back. Evidently, the protein levels were pretty high. My blood pressure this week has been a little elevated but not high. And I have complained about a "pain" in my upper tummy for a couple of weeks. I just thought it was stretching!

So all that means....I am on bed rest for the next 4 days until I see my Dr. again on Monday! UGH!! Doesn't my body know it's Christmas and I still have shopping to do? Doesn't it know I had 2 Christmas parties to go to this weekend? Doesn't it know I still have 3 days to work until we are off for Christmas? My house isn't immaculate. My carpets aren't cleaned. I don't have time for bed rest!! I thought I had a couple more weeks!!! So I am now praying that since my symptoms are so mild, I will be able to limit my activity and work next week, just not over do it! Something in my gut tells me that won't be the case.

The only "cure" for preeclampsia is delivery. So, in theory, I guess we could have this baby at anytime. I hope my Dr. will hold me off until after Christmas. Anytime after that, I am totally cool with! But, we are "prepared" as we will ever be. I mean physically prepared. I don't know that we will ever be mentally and emotionally prepared for parenthood, even when Beckham is 20! But the nursery is done, our bags are packed, the car seat is purchased....prepared. So why am I so nervous??

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ok, anyone who knows me really well, knows that I am not a very patient person. Josh can rarely surprise me without me bugging him to tell me what the surprise is. I use to set my everyone in my family's alarm clocks for 5:30am on Christmas morning. And the list could go on and on.

So... This waiting for this baby to be born is killing me!!!! Is that sad? I can't even be patient in pregnancy!! And it's not like I didn't know EXACTLY how long this whole process would take before I got pregnant. I mean, it's no secret! But I am SOOOOO very ready for Beckham to here! I want to meet him! I want to know who he looks like, how big he's going to be, what color hair, if any, he has..... And I am not very comfortable these days either. I really shouldn't complain. By all measures, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. But I have reached the uncomfortable stage for sure! My feet hurt, my hands hurt, my back REALLY hurts! I have to tinkle a lot, the heartburn is terrible, and on and on and on..... So needless to say, I am very ready for this little journey to be over! And I still have 5 more weeks to go!! UGH!!!

Enough complaining! Beckham is still looking really good by all the tests. At the last sono he was 4lbs 6 oz! BIG BOY!! The dr. said if I carry to term, he should be 7-8 lbs. I am still hoping to deliver a little early. I ask the Lord daily for that! The week between Christmas and New Year's would be great!!! My family will all be in town that week, so it would be really convenient for us, but we don't really have much say in the matter at this point. The Lord and Beckham are running the show!