Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, I guess it's the our turn to report sickness in our house. Beckham has had a cold all week and we have sucked snot out of his nose too many times to count. Oh, does he HATE it!!! But the great and precious thing about kids is they hold no grudges. Immediately afterwards he just wants a big mommy hug and for me to comfort him. Strange, huh? As adults we would never immediately embrace the person we felt was "hurting" us, whether it was for our own good or not.

And now Josh has some sort of junk. He went to the Dr. yesterday and they said it wasn't the flu. They said it was some sort of upper respiratory and ear infection. YUCK!! He's been sniffly and coughy and fevery. So I am praying I don't get it! I really can't afford to be sick. And I am also praying Beckham doesn't get the fever and other junk too.

On a more fun note...Beckham is SO much fun right now. He's learning animal noises. Amoung his favs are lion, parrot, elephant, cow and sleeping polar bear (from a book). I have a little video I will try to post later. It's REALLY cute!