Saturday, September 10, 2011


Before the game

Logan, Beckham, and Tyler

Logan and Beckham keeping themselves entertained on the sidelines

He looks like he's having FUN

Go Beckham GO!!

Reaction after the first BANDIT goal

Handsome little Soccer Player
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Friday, September 02, 2011

First Day of PRE K!

Beckham started Pre-K this year, and I can hardly believe that I only have 1 more year with him at home! He has become such an amazing little guy, full of personality. He has a sweet heart and a kind spirit. He is also the LOUDEST child I have ever met, and he's all boy!

This year he's attending a school closer to home, leaving the comfort of his grandparent's church, where everyone knew him. I am praying it's a great year blessed with lots of new friends, new experiences, and LOTS of learning...both academic and social.

This is the attitude I get a lot these day.

This is our babysitter, Mandy's little boy...COLLIN. He and Beckham are BFF's. I am so thankful they have eachother in class this year.

Walking to class....When did he get so BIG?

Ms. Sherry

Ms. Kelly

He pretty much decided at this point he didn't need me anymore...I was replace by some very fun mystery play dough substance.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Check it out

I am back to my photography again...finally. And I am having a blast! I have had some really fun shoots lately. Check out my new photography blog:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Just a few pics from Easter...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Way over due post....

Well, life has been busy, but not overwhelmingly exciting. The holidays came and went way too quickly. The winter was REALLY long, REALLY cold, and REALLY dreary! We all had cabin fever often. It's not much fun when we can't get outside and run and play. And with the flu the way it was this winter, the indoor play places were not visited as often as we would have liked. BUT the blessing is that both kiddos stayed relatively healthy. Beckham had his first bout with strep throat and then the following week had some sort of flu, but he handled both like a champ!

We celebrated Beckham's 3rd birthday! Where did the time go? He's SO big! And WAY smarter than I give him credit for most of the time. Pretend has become a big deal to him. He loves to dress up and play characters alot. 3 is challenge...he's so independant! I love him SO much!

Christmas Pics....I told you it's a WAY overdue post!

The winter had its FUN moments though. We had 3 good snows! Here are a few pics of all of us having fun in the snow!

She did NOT like making snow angels!!

These were taken less than a week after the 11 1/2 inches of snow!!

Then we celebrated Kerrington's 1st Birthday! It was a fun day with lots of family. I can't believe my baby is a year old already! She is crawling everywhere, and walks with her walking toys really well. At her 1 year check up she was 20.1 pounds (40th percentile) and 26 inches (15th percentile). She gets more and more personality everyday and is just a little angel!

Kerrington and her cousin Jayden...their birthdays are 3 weeks apart.

Of course, Beckham had to help her open her presents.

She loves reading books!

She loves her baby! She hugs her and kisses her! SO cute!!

She loves riding the Hobby Horse...who, by the way, Beckham has named "Toronado."

And snowed again!

So we are back to warm weather, and we are loving it! We love being able to play outside again! And just today...Beckham accidentally found his gift from the Easter Bunny! We had hidden it in the back of Josh's car, and while we were doing yard work, the little stinker spotted it! He walked around the car trying to get a better look, and finally he asked about it. So we had to give it to him and told him the Easter Bunny must have dropped it off a little early because he was so busy. A 3 year old will believe anything! He loves the bike! Pics soon to follow...