Monday, April 30, 2007


Beckham is at such a fun age right now! He is 4 months old, and everyday seems like a new discovery for him. He loves music. He has just found his feet in the last few days. And his voice too! He really loves the sound of his own voice! And his "tickle" reflexes have kicked in, and, well...take a look at the video!

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Monday, April 16, 2007


This weekend Josh's Grandma and Aunts were in town from Virginia. We had so much fun! It is so special that Beckham was able to spend time with his Great Grandmother! She is absolutely adorable!

One funny story...
Now Grandma doesn't here too well these days, and she was asking my mother-in-law what type of tree was in her backyard. Here's how the conversattion went...

Grandma: What kind of tree is that Reta?
Reta: It's an Oak.
Grandma: A Maple?
Reta: (louder) An Oak!
Grandma: A Birch?
Reta: (even louder) AN OAK!!
Grandma: Oh...

I'm still not sure she ever heard what type of tree sits in Reta's backyard. But that's ok.

Monday afternoon we went to the Dallas Arboretum. It was a perfect day! I am definetly going to make it a point to go there more often! Here are few pictures from our day.

Grandma and Beckham

Beckham looking so precious in his hat!

All the Girls!!

Grandma lookin' SASSY!

Monday, April 09, 2007


In my family, any holiday is a great excuse to get together and have a little fun. Easter is no exception. So yesterday Josh, Beckham and I packed up and headed over to my sister's house. My favorite part about these times is I get to play photographer and take pictures of my favorite kiddos. As I have said before. I LOVE being an aunt!! My nieces and nephews are precious to me! So of course I have to share them with everyone. And yes, there are a few of Beckham in there as well!!