Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's the latest video of Beckham. Look how much he's grown!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Memory Lane....

I was just looking back at some pictures of the day Beckham was born. I find myself doing this quite often. He's just growing so quickly!!! Somedays I feel like time is on fast forward. Especially since I only have 1 more week of work left. I don't want to seem like I am not grateful for my time, I truly am! But it has gone by way too fast. I am not ready to venture back to the daily routine of work yet. I have so enjoyed just being Beckham's mom, that I am not ready to be a dental hygienist again! I still pray that Josh can one day find a job that allows me to stay home. But until then, we are still extremely blessed!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Monday, March 19, 2007


The acclaimed Ferber sleep method lasted a total of...TA DA...45 minutes! Yes I caved! I went in and picked him up after 45 minutes because I just couldn't take it anymore. So what's next? I have NO idea. Last night he had one of his worst nights yet. I think I may have traumatized him by Ferberizing him! He didn't want to be anywhere but in my arms. As soon as I picked him up, he was fine. I'm afraid and am creating a MONSTER!! A cute monster, but none the less, a monster!

So for all of you moms in Blogland, PLEASE tell me what you did that worked! I need some advice!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Ok, so Beckham is not the greatest sleeper. I have known this for quite some time now, but have chosen to ignore it because I have been on maternity leave. Well, maternity leave is coming to a halt in 2 weeks (I am SO sad!!!), and I have got to get this precious child of mine in some sort of sleep routine, otherwise, I will be walking zombie at work. And that's not a good thing when you deal with sharp metal instruments in people's mouths.

So the method that is suppose to work is the Ferbur method. Dr. Ferbur method is this in a nutshell:

1. You place the baby in his crib when he's tired, but still awake.
2. You kiss him, tell him you love him and goodnight, then leave the room.
3. He will cry, but wait 5 minutes before going back in the room. Then go in, tell him you love him, and say goodnight. 60 seconds or less.
4. The baby will cry even more!! This time you wait 10 minutes and then repeat the same routine.
5. Continue this in increasing 5 minute increments until the baby has fallen asleep. And each time the baby cries louder, and louder and louder!!
6. This is suppose to go on every night for up to 4 nights. Supposedly by the 4th night, he's got the routine down, and goes to sleep all on his own.

Sounds easy right? UH UH!!! There is just something in this new mom that so desperately wants to go pick up her son, love on him, and let him fall asleep in her arms. I mean, that's what a mom does right? We nurture, we love, we calm, we kiss boo boos, etc... I know that in the long run, I am doing us both a favor. He will learn how to fall asleep on his own and self-soothe, and I will ultimately get good sleep for the first time in 3 months! I know this in my head, but it sure does make my heart hurt to hear those screams. And I feel like I am lying to him every time I go in there, tease him with a little love, then leave abruptly just to hear him scream and cry louder. Dr. Ferbur has obviously never been a mom!

So, I am trying this method, but I am hating EVERY minute of it! We'll see how long it lasts...