Friday, June 16, 2006

9 weeks and counting!

We had our second Dr. appt today. It was pretty routine, but very informative! I have lost 4 pounds, which is not unusual in the 1st trimester. Especially the way I have felt the last couple of days. BLAH!!! The nausea has been pretty bad. All day long! But I think of it as a good thing. It lets me know things are normal and going well. I also found out that I am blood type B-. I never knew that! What that means in pregnancy is that I have to have shots in the 28th week to basically turn me to B+. There is a chance that the baby is a + blood type, which wouldn't make any difference in this pregancy, but it could effect any other pregancies. Basically, if my blood and the baby's blood mix at anytime, my body would build up an immunity to + blood. So if the next baby is also a + blood type, my body would basically reject that baby. So bring on the shots! I am glad she prepared me for that this early. At least it won't be a big shocker then. Over all, she said everything was normal and looked great with all of the other blood work.

So then we were ready to listen to the heartbeat. She put all of that really cold jelly on my tummy and we listened, and we listened, and we listened....but no heartbeat! So we did another ultrasound!! SO FUN!! We got to see the little munchkin again and oh my goodness...what a change! It has grown SOOO much in just 3 weeks! I doesn't look like a dot anymore. Josh thinks it looks like a snowman. It has a definite little body and head. We saw it's tiny little arms. And we could see that it had eyes and little facial features! AND it's little heartbeat looked GREAT!! Whoo, what a relief. My next sono won't be for 10 more weeks, but that's the appt that we get to see if it's a boy or a girl. And YES we are finding out! I can't wait.

The picture posted is not mine. The Dr. was out of printer paper. How sad! So I found it on the internet, and it looks a lot like what our baby looked like today!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I found this picture on the internet and was amazed by it, so I thought I would share. This is what "the Dot" should look like right now. Pretty cool, huh??

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ever have one of "those" weekends???

Ever have one of those weekends? You know the kind that are really productive, but you end up having no weekend at all? Well, that is how ours was this weekend. We got a ton of stuff done...but no rest at all! Since getting Buddy, we can forget sleeping late on Sat. mornings. He's up with the roosters, and so are we! Everyone says this is good training for when the baby arrives. So Sat. began at 6:30am in the Faris house. Praise the Lord for my sweet husband who got up and took Buddy for a walk so I could rest a little longer. Then around 10:00am, we headed over to Saginaw to see my brother, sis-n-law and the kids. They have 3 great kids, Cal (6), Cameryn (4) and Cannon (2...almost 3). We took Buddy with us so he wouldn't have to be in his crate all day. We had a fun visit, but we were ready for a nap when we got back to McKinney. No such luck! We had a blow out on 190 coming home, and had to change the flat tire in 100 degree heat. Fortunately, we were under a bridge. It helped a little bit! So off to the tire store we go! Of course, we were 1 month out of warranty on that particular tire (Mind you, this is the 2nd flat and third tire since March). So 45 min and $90 later, we were off to McKinney again. We left Saginaw around 3ish and finally were home around 6:30ish. Woo we were tired!

By the Lord's amazing timing and my sister's generosity, we now have a baby crib and changing table. My 3 year old niece has out-grown her crib and she sweetly wanted to give it to Aunt Gigi's baby. PRAISE JESUS!! Have you looked at the prices of baby furniture recently??? So we spent most of Sun afternoon moving the furniture from my sister's house to our house, and switching bedrooms around. So now we have a nursery room and we have a guest/office room. We haven't put the baby furniture together yet, but I think we have few months to it. It is BEAUTIFUL furniture, too. It's exactly what I would have picked out if we were buying it ourselves. Not to mention that she gave us all of the bedding and changing pad, mattress, mattress cover, 3 pack-n-plays, and SO much other stuff! It pays to be the youngest and the last to have babies in the family!

SO all of that to say, that it has been SUPER productive, but exhausting as well. I have tomorrow off, but poor Josh has to work. But he has the Mavs in the playoffs and the World Cup to help beat the exhaustion I guess.

Baby news:

Well, morning sickness happens around here at night. It starts about 6ish and continues until bedtime. I really can't complain, I have only "been sick" once. But the nausea is pretty constant. Nothing sounds appetizing in the evenings.

The baby, according to the internet, should be about the size of a kidney bean this week. That's grown from a raspberry last week. Over the next few weeks it will be the size of a grape, and kumquat (which I don't believe I have ever seen one of these before), a fig and an lime. I don't know how accurate all of that is, but it's fun to imagine. We go to the Dr. on Friday and we hope to hear the heartbeat for the first time. How fun!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Which means we are on our way to the FINALS!! For the first time in Mavs history, we will play for the championship. GO MAVS!!!

Baby Stuff:
I felt really good yesterday. My mom and I hung out all day yesterday afternoon, then my in-laws came over and brought dinner last night. I actually had an appetite, which I hadn't had in a few days. BUT today was a different story. I felt pretty "green" all day. And REALLY sleepy. Buddy and I took a 2 hour nap on the couch this afternoon. But no real appetite today. Just kinda BLAH. But, again I'm reminded it could be a lot worse. Kam said her sister is throwing up about every hour. PRAISE THE LORD I haven't had that...YET. I keep waiting for it. Other than that, nothing new. The next big thing is we have a Dr. appt in 2 weeks and we should be able to hear the heartbeat at that time. So exciting!!! We'll keep ya posted.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did I mention that we have a puppy? His name is Buddy and he's about 7 months old and weighs about 50 pounds. He's the cutest black lab ever, and for the most part, pretty well behaved. He does have this lunging/biting thing going on right now that we are trying to break him of. I really think he's just playing, but when you have 50lbs of dog lunging at your face, it can hurt a little bit. So, to help settle this problem I have turned to the "Dog Whisperer." Have you heard of this guy? Anyone who watches Oprah probably has. His name is Cesar Milan and he has his own show on the National Geographic Channel. He's SOO cool! He totally gets really bad dogs to do whatever he wants them to. You should check it out. Anyway, Cesar has conviced me that I am not "The Pack Leader." This is the position where the dog knows that I am boss and he is not. Evidentally, according to Cesar, dogs think of their families as packs and they all want to be the pack leader. Well, we as humans have to show them that WE are the pack leader. Well, Buddy and I are battling it out in our pack right now! I am trying all the little tricks I have picked up from the Dog Whisperer, and none of them are working! I've even tried telling Buddy that I am the pack leader on our walks. Josh just tells me not to say that out loud where other people can hear me, please! He really thinks it's dumb. So, alas, I am not the pack leader yet...but I soon will be!! Help Cesar!!!

Anyway, the Dot and I are ok too. Still pretty much constantly quesy. I found that ginger herbal tea helps in pretty long intervals. And NOTHING sounds good to eat. I guess that's good. I'm really trying not to gain any weight this first trimester. We'll see how that goes...Well, I have to go watch the Mavs. Hope we win tonight and can put the Suns away on Sat!!