Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Several months ago I posted about a Ethan. He's a little boy at St. Jude in Memphis who is a month older than Beckham. At 2 months old, he was diagnosed with leukemia and it has been a fight ever since. Several weeks ago Ethan went thru a stem cell transplant with stem cells donated by his Daddy. Evidentally, it's a pretty rough thing for donor and recipient to go thru. Well, for a while now, we thought Ethan was thru the worst part, but the latest update on his blog is not good news. Here it is...

It's official, the "abnormal" cells are leukemia cells. We expected that to be the case. It's the same kind of leukemia he had when he was diagnosed, so it has not mutated into something different. Ben went and donated his cells today. They are waiting for Ben's blood tests to come back to make sure all is clear before they give Ethan the infusion. PLEASE PRAY for Ben's blood tests to be okay so that they can give Ethan the cells. If there is a problem on his tests, they would probably start preparing Ethan for another transplant.
So if they give Ethan the cells tomorrow, we'll wait a couple of weeks and have another bone marrow asperate done (unless they started seeing blasts aka leukemia cells in the blood before then.) If the leukemia cells go down or stay the same, they would probably continue to give him a boost of Ben's cells every so often until the leukemia cells are gone. If the leukemia cells increase, we would be forced to start chemo and preparing for another transplant. If they did another one, they would probably use me. We DO NOT want it to come to another transplant. PLEASE PRAY harder than you've ever prayed, that Ethan will be able to receive the cells tomorrow and that those cells will go destroy the leukemia cells!! I wish this wasn't so critical, but it is. We desperately need your prayers. KEEP PRAYING! BELIEVE! PRAYER WORKS!!

It's time to fire up the prayers again! PLEASE pray for this family. You can visit his blog here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Pictures...
I realized I didn't have any of Daddy and Son together since Beckham was 3 months old. These are just a few I snapped in the front yard. Aren't my boys handsome?

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Yes, we are off and going these days. Beckham has been "army crawling" for a few weeks now, but this weekend he took off in a full fledge crawl. And he discovered there are other rooms in the house besides the living room, and wants to explore them all! This is often how I find him, down the hall ready to go into another room. He's a quick little booger! When I call his name (and by the way, I have mysteriously somehow turned into my mother....I am using his full name! BECKHAM JEFFREY!) He looks back at me like "what, Mom, I'm busy." And he finds all sorts of things to get into. Looks like we have a little baby-proofing to do.

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