Friday, October 26, 2007


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know what my brother, Darrell, is going to be doing for the next 9 days. He and 4 other guys are riding bikes ACROSS TEXAS! Yes, that's right. They are riding from the Rio Grande to the Red River starting tomorrow. It is to benefit a village in Sri Lanka effected by the tsunami a few years ago. They are riding to help send bikes to the village.

I am SO very proud of my brother. I have felt for my whole life he is an incredible guy, but watching him be a husband and father, and seeeing his heart for others just confirms that even more. So, PLEASE say a prayer for strength and endurance for these guys over the next few days. My sister n law is planning on documenting the ride on her blog. You can go here to get the updates.

Darrell, we are praying for you and WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Josh and I will be married 3 years on Tuesday. We celebrated this weekend and had an AMAZING time! Beckham spent the night with his Grandma and Grandpa, the the whole day and night was ours! It was Beckham's first night to spend away from us. It felt pretty strange not having him around.

So the day started off with me dropping Beckham off and going to the spa. (See the previous post for all the fun details!) I then came home to a CLEAN house! And better yet, a CLEAN closet!! Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not the tidiest person to live with. And anyone who knows Josh knows that it drives him NUTS!! Our closet has been a source of contention for pretty much all 3 years of our marriage, admittedly my fault. So when I got home, I had a clean and organized closet! Yea JOSH! I also had this sweet little "love note" on the bed, too. We went to dinner that night at the SILVER FOX. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! If you are a steak lover and willing to dish out a little $, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this place!! We treated ourselves to steak and lobster tail and wine and chocolate cake! YUMMY!! Then we came home and wrapped up the night with a movie at home. A PERFECT day! Thank you to my precious husband who always makes me feel special and loved!

Love note on the bed. For those of you who don't know, Josh did something similar to this when he proposed and on our wedding day.


Australian Lobster Tail

Happy Anniversary! It's been a blessed 3 years. I can't wait for a lifetime more!
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For my birthday/anniversary, Josh bought me a spa package!! What an AMAZING husband I have!!! He knows how I LOVE to get massages, so he just ran with it and gave me the works!! I had a 1 hour relaxation massage, a 1 hour facial, a 1 hour manicure and 1 hour pedicure. It was SO fun and relaxing! I felt like a noodle when I left the spa. I have never had a day at a spa before, so you know me, I took my camera to document the occasion.

This is me after my massage with the massage therapist. Sorry, no makeup!

This is during the pedicure. They soaked my feet in a rose petal bath.

This is one of the hot rocks used to massage my hands, and an empty glass that once held a yummy mimosa!

These are my feet with a "cooling mint mask" on them.

Needless to say, I had a great time. It was SO thoughtful of Josh. I love him!
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Monday, October 01, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Ya know, the "blogging world" is truely a strange place. I have so loved having a blog for the past year and some odd months. I love that friends and family from all over can peek into my life a little and keep up with me and my family. I get to share my greatest joys, my husband and son, my passion for photography, my daily insand outs of life, and even random thoughts that may or may not interest a single person. But it is an outlet to express myself in a way I haven't before. I also love that several of my friends have blogs too, so when we don't see eachother very often, I can keep up with them and their families and their random thoughts. But my favorite part about blogging is the people I get to "meet" in the cyber world of blogging. Probably people I never would have any contact with if Blogger didn't exist. I usually "meet" these people thru posts or comments on other people's blogs.

Last night I read the most heart-wrench, touching, and glorifying of the LORD blog I think I have found yet. A family in Nashville has recently sent their precious newborn daughter to be with Jesus. They found out during the pregnancy that Copeland was sick and wouldn't be with them for long. I was so incredibly touched at how this mother and father poured their hearts out for all of cyberspace to read, and every word not only expressed their grief and their questioning, but also their AMAZING faith that carried them, literally, thru this unbearably sad time. They lived their lives for all to read about, so transparent. You can read about them here. ( I recommend reading from the very first post. You will be in awe of the LORD'S love, grace and mercy.)

I have kept up with the Powell family who I posted about in my last post. Their amazing testimony during this journey is an insperation. They are like cheerleaders for GOD. Read their blog and you will know what I mean.

I have loved reading the joy of a family I don't even know having quadruplets! Again, they have shared their experience and given GOD all the glory along the way. You can read about them here.

I have loved seeing my friends children grow up "before my eyes" and learn new things about them with every post. All of them make me laugh, make me cry, and make me thankful that I have friends who are willing to share their lives.

So all of that to say, I love the blogging world. I know...random, right?