Friday, September 02, 2011

First Day of PRE K!

Beckham started Pre-K this year, and I can hardly believe that I only have 1 more year with him at home! He has become such an amazing little guy, full of personality. He has a sweet heart and a kind spirit. He is also the LOUDEST child I have ever met, and he's all boy!

This year he's attending a school closer to home, leaving the comfort of his grandparent's church, where everyone knew him. I am praying it's a great year blessed with lots of new friends, new experiences, and LOTS of learning...both academic and social.

This is the attitude I get a lot these day.

This is our babysitter, Mandy's little boy...COLLIN. He and Beckham are BFF's. I am so thankful they have eachother in class this year.

Walking to class....When did he get so BIG?

Ms. Sherry

Ms. Kelly

He pretty much decided at this point he didn't need me anymore...I was replace by some very fun mystery play dough substance.
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